Wanna be a backup shift volunteer?

Volunteer HandsIf you would like to do some “every once in a while” service work, sign-up and be a part of our backup shift list.

Sometimes volunteers are unable to cover shifts due to emergencies that come up. Most groups furnish alternates for each shift, but there are times when even they are unable to cover a shift. In those cases, we reach out to volunteers who have expressed interest in being of service when the need arises.

Out of all the shifts that we cover a month, it’s remarkable how rarely we need to go to our backup list. Even so, we don’t want to “bother” the same people over and over again to help out. Plus, we can offer this opportunity to folks whose homegroup isn’t large enough to support a monthly shift, but would like to be in the mix.

So, sign-up if you’d like to be a Backup Helpline Shift volunteer.

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