It’s easy to focus on just giving out meeting times and locations and missing the larger role that we can fulfill.

You will get calls requesting meeting info, but our main function is to be a friendly, welcoming voice.

In addition to finding a meeting, the Caller also wants to know what to expect at their first meeting.  Remember yours?  They are probably anxious about the unknown.

Here are some things that you might say to a caller to ease their mind about their first meeting:

“There is no registration or checking in, just show up and have a seat. Grab some coffee if you’d like.

There are no dues or fees.  In fact, we ask that you do not put money in the basket because we only take contributions from AA members. If and when you decide to be a part of the fellowship, then you are welcome to contribute.

Some groups go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves.  Introduce yourself if you’d like, but it helps that you do so that everyone can get to know you and offer help.

The most important thing is to find a seat and listen.”

The caller will often express real relief and then ask about specific meetings they saw online. There is no better way to make a connection with the caller than sharing your own experience as a newcomer.

Thanks for volunteering!